Think of at least three hero figures from books that you have recently read or movies you have recently seen. Is the heroism of these men a Christian heroism or a pagan heroism?

In a book I am reading right now, The Maze Runner, one boy is trying to help other boys get out of this maze they are trapped in. Even though he is trying to save their lives, he is not bringing them to Christ, which means he is not practicing Christian heroism. Last spring I read the book called The Hunger Games and watched the movie for it. The main character saves herself, her partner, and attempts to save a little girl. Some might say that makes her a hero. These actions are, however, preforming pagan heroism because she isn’t leading anyone to Christ and she had to kill someone in the process of trying to save the little girl. In the movie The Princess Bride, the boy, Wesley, does everything he can to save his girlfriend from marring a horrible king. This is also an example of pagan heroism.