None Compare

In our lives, we see, have seen, and have been told about many saviors. However, unless this savior is Jesus, no one can compare. We see saviors in books we read, in our culture, and in the Bible.

In the book, Epic of Gilgamesh, we see that Gilgamesh is a savior. He saves people from evil creators. He does good deeds by saving people; however, he still does evil things himself. He stole people’s wives. This shows that, though he is a savior, he is an earthly savior. Gilgamesh cannot keep anyone from dying; he cannot even save himself from death. This makes him an earthly savior, but he is not Christ-like. He falls short of the real Savior because he is sinful and cannot save people from death.

In our culture today, we see earthly heroes all around us. Some of these are actually Christ-like saviors. Sadly, some are not. Earthly heroes in today’s culture serve earthly needs, and they make sure they are recognized for these deeds. They do things for fame and don’t lead people to Christ. Oprah Winfrey is a good example of this. She does good things because they make her feel good and she gets fame from it. Oprah Winfrey does not measure up to the only Savior, Jesus, because she does everything for fame, is a sinner, and, most importantly, she does not lead people to eternal life. Christ-like heroes spread the gospel and do not worry about being noticed. Franklin Graham is an example of a Christ-like hero. He spreads the gospel all the time. No matter what question he is asked, he always turns it around to preach the gospel. He also never takes credit for the things he does; he dedicates it all to God. Even though he is an amazing example of a Christian hero in our culture, he does not measure up to the true Savior because he is a sinner as well. These are examples of the heroes in our culture today.

In the Bible, we see many Christ-like heroes. Jesus is the ultimate hero. He is the picture of how we should be living. He brought people to himself. He took care of people’s earthly needs and gave them the gift of eternal life. He is, obviously, the only true Savior. The apostles are also Christ-like heroes because even after Jesus was gone, they kept healing the sick, feeding the poor, and bringing people to Christ. The church in Acts shows us how we should be now. They fed those who were hungry, sharing all they had. In doing so, they brought many to Christ and their numbers increased greatly. Both the apostles and the church of Acts led people to Christ, but they still do not compare to the only Savior because they were all sinners.

We see heroes all around us. They are in our books, in our culture, and in the Bible. Of course, these heroes cannot compare to the real and true Savior, Jesus Christ, because they will always fall short.

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