Is one individual’s life worth sacrificing, through a murder, for the good of the country?

I believe that if a person is truly called by God to do so, then it is ok. The Lord has a plan for everything and this means that if someone is in authority, even if they are doing bad things, and the Lord wants them there, they need to stay. We must trust in the Lord instead of leaning on our own understanding. We cannot see the big picture of what the Lord is going to accomplish. So, if it is in the Lord’s plan for that person to be murdered, then so be it, but if it is not, he must remain alive. We also must take into account that a murder is an unjust killing. This means if the leader is murdering others, then he should be killed, but a murder is an unjust killing. The killing of someone who is killing others is justice, not murder. Of course, murder, if it is called by the Lord, it is not unjust. I believe that it all goes back to what God’s plan is.