When Tragedies Strike

        Tragedy happens around us all the time. When it happens to us, we are devastated. We have to learn how to grow from our troubles. The only way for us to get through tragedies is to turn to the Lord.

        In our culture today, when tragedy strikes, people do not cope well. This is because we tend to only see what is going on at that moment. We must learn to take what is happening to us, or to the people around us, and use it in the future. This is how we learn from the tragedies. The main thing tragedies teach us is how to cope with the things going on around us. The problem with our culture is that they do not know how to cope properly. They do not know how to turn to the Lord for help. This is why our culture seems so hopeless when problems come. If they would only realize where the relief from their pain really is, they would not be so hopeless.    Our culture also does not realize how tragedy is sometimes directly related to something that was done. America has gotten so far away from God. Our country is no longer “one nation under God.” People in America support abortion and gay marriage. These are things that God is against; therefore, we should be against them too. Because of these downfalls, we are punished. Tragedies come because of things that we as a nation have done. I believe that things that happen in our culture are allowed by God so we will turn to Him. After 9/11, churches were filled, and people wanted answers. God wants us to turn to Him. He is trying to draw our attention. We must learn that He wants us to turn to Him for the answers. This is how our culture must cope when tragedy strikes.

        In Julius Caesar, the characters brought tragedy onto themselves. The characters killed Caesar and made things complicated for themselves. They did not deal with these things very well. Even Caesar himself brought forth the tragedy of his own death. Because he was ambitious, he was murdered. This is believed to be Caesar’s punishment. Although, through all of this, I do not believe that the characters learned anything. We, however, can learn from the mistakes made in this book. For example, killing is rarely the answer, and it will get a person into trouble. We should not take this kind of thing into our own hands unless we are commanded by God because it will always end tragically. The punishment for the murder of Caesar was ultimately death. We can see the cause and effect directly here. The characters brought this tragedy of death onto themselves.

         The Bible shows us examples of how to handle tragedy. The story of Adam and Eve is probably the most well-known story of cause and effect. When they sinned, the punishment was that sin and suffering were brought into the world. Tragedies should teach us to praise the Lord through everything. Romans 8:28 states, “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them” (New Living Translation). This verse tells us that God is always in control. If we trust in Him, everything will work out for the best. This is true in tragedies as well.  We must take heart because the Lord will lead us through. The Lord will not forsake us in our time of need. We can learn to turn to the Lord in the midst of our tragedies. The Bible shows us how to get through tragedies with the help of the Lord.

         We cannot avoid tragedies. Whether the tragedy is happening directly to us, or to someone around us, tragedies strike all the time. The only way to get through the tragedies is to go to the Lord. He will lead us through.


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